Phone Number 07383 639918

Where To Find Us

Butchers Block
461 Fair Oak Road
Fair Oak
SO50 7AJ

Shop Local – Spend Local – Support Local

Our Butchers shop located in Fair Oak has a wonderful selection of cuts of Tender Beef, Delicious Lamb, Tasty Pork and Norfolk Free Range Chicken.

Also Winter Cuts will be in the counter soon including:
Shin of Beef, Beef Skirt, Oxtail, Pigs & Lamb’s Liver, Stewing Lamb, Local Venison etc

Our sausages are created from lean pork or chicken to our very own recipes by Andy. There are also various Gluten Free choices, including our popular Tomato & Basil Meatballs and tasty Faggots.

The butchers are happy to advise on the best cuts for the recipe and guide on quantity.

If you are looking for something in particular, just ask. If we don’t have it, we may be able to get it or suggest an alternative.

We are experienced in handling and preparing all cuts of meat. Use our knowledge and experience – it’s free!

J and J Sutton t/a Butcher’s Block

Business Correspondence Address
70 Winchester Street, Botley, Hampshire, SO30 2AA